Orit Hilewicz

PhD Candidate in Music Theory
Orit Hilewicz

Orit Hilewicz joined the PhD program in music theory at Columbia University in Fall 2011. Orit received her BA, majoring in piano, from the University of Washington, where she later completed her MA in music theory. Her research interests include music and visual arts, atonal and twelve tone analysis, the music of Morton Feldman, and experiential approaches to musical temporality in analysis. Her dissertation, titled "Listening to Ekphrastic Musical Compositions," explores twentieth-century compositions that take other artworks of different media as their subject. Focusing on analysis of pieces composed after paintings, structures, and even other musical works, her research examines the different ways in which music can be interpreted as eliciting visual images. 

In 2010-11, Orit worked as managing editor in Perspectives of New Music. Since 2012, she has been serving as associate editor in the Music Theory Society of New York State’s annual journal Theory and Practice.

Listening to Ekphrastic Musical Compositions
Columbia Degrees: 
MA, Music Theory
MPhil, Music Theory
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University of Washington
Music Theory
University of Washington