RTcmix Instruments

An RTcmix instrument is a scorefile or interface-object command that will create or process sound samples. Every RTcmix instrument is a subclass of the generic Instrument class. When an RTcmix instrument is called, it instantiates a unique copy of itself with the parameters for the specific 'note' (starting time, duration, etc.) included. This instrument/note object is then scheduled for execution at the appropriate starting time.

A number of the RTcmix instruments listed are actually 'meta-packages' containing several individual instruments (the STRUM and METAFLUTE instruments are good examples of this). In these cases, all of the instruments are generally derived from the same synthesis or signal-processing algorithm.

The following RTcmix instruments are included in the RTcmix distribution (categorized below, alphabetical listing in the frame on the left):

There are a few older 'disk-only' sound synthesis and signal-processing routines that were originally developed for the non-realtime cmix music programming language from which RTcmix was derived. RTcmix actually encapsulates all of the earlier cmix code, so that these programs that have not been ported to RTcmix still work. We include documentation for these older instruments because many of them do strange and wonderful things to sound. One of these days one of us will get around to changing them into RTcmix format. One of these days...

See the CMIX documentation or the relevant sections of Chris Bailey's CMIX tutorial for more information on how to use these instruments. Often this only requires changing rtoutput and rtinput scorfile commands to output and input commands, along with the pre-creation of output soundfiles using the sfcreate utility.

Disk-based (non-realtime) instruments in the distribution: