go.go.go: a CD of works from the CMC

Aesthetic Statement:

"So, what kind of music do people at the CMC write?" one is often asked. One of our artistic goals at the Columbia University Computer Music Center is to make this question, at best, a very difficult one to answer. As you will hear on this disc, a wide variety of musical styles, aesthetics, and technical approaches to computer music are represented and fostered at the CMC; all are pursued at the highest level of musical and technical quality. Gorgeous ambient soundscapes, explorations of rhythm and new musical forms, interactivity with instrumentalists, dancers, visual artists and scientists; CAC (computer-aided composition) of purely instrumental works; explorations of song, speech, speech-rhythm, poetic prosody, new varieties of sound synthesis and processing, style modelling---these and more, in varied combination, characterize the scintillating variety of approaches to composition found at the CMC.

We at the CMC hope you enjoy the selections on this disc. If particular works interest or excite you, please check out the web site(s) of the composer(s) in question. Many would be happy to provide you with more recordings and information about their music