• CMC directors: Brad Garton, Thanassis Rikakis
  • CMC staff: Kate Hoffstetter, Douglas Repetto, Dan Trueman, Malcolm Goodman, Terry Pender
  • Board of Advisors: Fred Lerdahl, Tristan Murail
  • CD Producer: Christopher Bailey
  • Audio mastering, graphics: Luke DuBois
  • Graphics: Douglas Geers
Electronic music is particularly vulnerable to the audio mangling MP3 encoding; get the CD from us to hear the "real thing." Most of these tracks are excerpts from larger works; contact the composers to get more information about complete works.
  1. Chris Bailey: Ooogaaah: Dungeony Specimen Spaceship
  2. Douglas Geers: Turnstile (with Maja Cerar, violin)
  3. Brad Garton: Dan's Toys
  4. Johnathan F. Lee: Semblance of Ritual II
  5. Terry Pender: Recognitions (with Amy Duggins, voice)
  6. R. Luke DuBois: Just for the Purposes of Playing Around (with the Freight Elevator Quartet)
  7. Thanassis Rikakis: Song of the Tree
  8. Oliver Schneller: Aqua Vit (with TMC Fellows, Stefan Asbury, cond.)
  9. Tim Polashek: Kinetics
  10. Elaine Thomazi Freitas: u19ej5n270
  11. Steven Kane: La Machina Verde in Stereophonic Hi-Fi; aka 'Destination Battlestar'
  12. Marcus Alessi Bittencourt: Vignette3
  13. Dan Trueman: In Grain and Shadow (with Dan Trueman, electric violin+electronics)
  14. Fernando Gomez Evelson: Ex Nomos Alpha
  15. Ramin Amir Arjomand: 2'10"
  16. Miyuki Ito: On a Spring Day