The Collegium Musicum is one of Columbia University's leading choral ensembles and has been a part of University life since the mid-1950s. The group is connected to Columbia's core curriculum, traditionally singing Josquin's Ave Maria...virgo serena for Music Humanities classes. Although in the past the Collegium has devoted itself to the performance of music of the middle ages and Renaissance—that by composers like Machaut, Josquin, Palestrina, Ockeghem, Tallis, and Monteverdi—in recent years the Collegium has broadened its repertoire to embrace works of all historical epochs, including 20th-century and contemporary music.

The current director of the Collegium is Anne Levitsky, PhD candidate in Historical Musicology.

Collegium Musicum rehearses on Mondays and Wednesdays between 7:30 and 9:30pm, in room 404-Dodge Hall. Those interested in singing in the Collegium are invited to come to a rehearsal and sing for the director afterward, or to email Anne Levitsky at to set up an audition.