Seminar in Historical Musicology: Renaissance and Baroque Venice

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Throughout its history, Venice cultivated an idealized image of its political and civic identity. Music played a central role in the construction of the myth of the “Most Serene Republic” both through the prestige of the Venetian music establishment and as a symbol of social harmony and cohesion. The seminar explores the history of this unique bond between Venice and its musical self-fashioning. We will also investigate the way the musical past of Venice is marketed today as a form of musical tourism. The seminar is organized in conjunction with Carnegie Hall’s concert series devoted to the Venetian Republic in February 2017 ( This unique event will give us an opportunity to investigate the issue of how to forge a dialogic relationship between past and present through a convergence of scholarship and performance. To this end, students in the seminar will receive free tickets to five concerts at Carnegie Hall.

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Spring 2017 – Section 001

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W 2:10-4:00pm