The American Musical (MUSIV3168, Fall 2013)

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The American Musical
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MUSI V3168
Prof. Walter Frisch

MUSI V3168
The American Musical

For Fall 2013:

Call Number: 21919
Instructor: Prof. Walter Frisch
MW 2:40pm-3:55pm
622 Dodge Hall

Musical theater is one of America ?s most vital and important art forms. Several of its major creators studied at Columbia, including Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein II, John Kander, and Fred Ebb. This course will present a historical survey of American musical theater from its origins in late nineteenth-century; through the musicals of figures like Kern, Gershwin, and Rodgers & Hammerstein; through Sondheim and the "megamusical" of Lloyd Webber. Focus will be on selected shows,through which broader cultural and musical trends will be examined.

Reading ability of music and some theoretical knowledge is required.

NEW COURSE for Fall 2013: "Silence" (MUSI W4463)

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MUSI W4463
Prof. Jessica A. Schwartz (Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Music)

MUSI W4463
Silence  (new course for Fall 2013!)

FALL 2013 info:
Call Number: 67902
TR 10:10am-11:25am
814 Dodge Hall

In our daily lives, we hear concomitant fluxes and negotiations of frequencies, of noises, of aural spaces, some seemingly organized, others seemingly chaotic. How do we become attuned to processing the myriad of acoustic information that envelops us? What might it mean to "hear without listening," and what are the consequences? Throughout this course, we address these questions and others that arise by thinking through the relationship of silence and its "other." Often, silence is defined in the negative sense-by its assumed opposites such as sound, noise, music, and voice. Decentering the notion of silence as absence, our discussions will draw from interdisciplinary sources and thus be framed by theories of silence and the presence of silence as sensible, historical, philosophical, aesthetic, stylistic, political, and ethical. Theorizing silence in these ways, we will work to understand silence not as the binary opposite of audible expressions, but rather as regulations of them, at times being the impetus for their emergence(s).

NEW COURSE: Post-1965 Jazz (MUSIC G4467, New for Fall 2013)

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Post-1965 Jazz
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MUSI G44467
Prof. Kevin Fellezs

Post-1965 Jazz (New Course for Fall 2013!)

MUSI G4467

FALL 2013:

Call Number: 23338

Prof. Kevin Fellezs
Tues 6:10pm-8:00pm
622 Dodge Hall

This course will focus on the developments in jazz after 1965, particularly engaged with its discursive formation as an art movement, a political position, and a cultural force. The course will not follow a chronological survey but will engage various critical issues that jazz has confronted since 1965. These questions focus on the definition and constitution of jazz; the music ?s relationship to popular culture broadly, particularly with popular music genres; and the nature of contemporary jazz.

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Fall Auditions! Music Performance Program Lessons, Ensembles, and CU Orchestra

Attention all student performers!  It's that time of year again!  

If you are interested in taking music lessons for credit, joining an MPP classical or jazz ensemble, or joining the CU Orchestra in 2013-14, you MUST audition for placement.  Below is the schedule for these auditions. 

Fall 2013 Audition Schedule for the Columbia Music Performance Programs.

Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, 11am-2pm -- Dolan Prize Auditions (Dodge 112)

Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, 3-9pm  -- Winds (Dodge 112)

Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, 3-9pm -- Strings (Dodge 618)

Wednesday, Sept. 4th, 11am-9pm -- Instrumental Jazz 11am-9pm  (in Dodge 112)

Wednesday, Sept. 4th, 3-9pm -- Overflow-Winds and Strings 3-9pm (in  Dodge 112)

Thursday, Sept. 5th,  5:30-7:30pm (Dodge 618)

Thursday,: Sept. 5th,  6-9pm -- Vocal Ensemble with Sarah Wolfson and Peter Calleo (Dodge 620)

Friday, Sept. 6th, 11am-2pm -- Vocal Jazz with Christine Correa  (Dodge 112)

Friday, Sept. 6th, 2-5pm -- Classical Guitar (Dodge 620)

Sign up sheets are posted outside of 618 Dodge Hall



Thursday September 12th,13th and 14th from 12-8pm in Dodge 809

Sign up sheets outside of room 809 Dodge Hall.


Please contact Beth Pratt, Program Coordinator for MPP, with any questions at:

Important Guidance for All 2013 Graduate Program Applicants (PhD/DMA)

Are you considering applying to one of Columbia University's PhD or DMA programs in Music (Historical Musicology, Music Theory, or Composition)* in 2014 (for matriculation in 2015)?

If so, please make sure you read the information at this link very carefully and before contacting anyone in the Department.

The deadline for applications to any of our doctoral programs is typically December 15.


IMPORTANT NOTICE for prospective ETHNOMUSICOLOGY applicants (2014):

* Please note that the Columbia University PhD program in Ethnomusicology is not accepting new applications this year (2014 for 2015 matriculation).  The Ethnomusicology program admits new students in two out of every three years.  Applications fo the Ethnomusicology program will next be accepted in Fall 2015 for 2016 matriculation.