[0xff] Hello 0xFF

matthew biederman mbiederman at att.net
Sat Nov 29 13:21:42 EST 2003

>> has anybody wrote a patch including voice recognition
>> = to pixal manipulation anything would be helpful
> the only voice recognition reference i found in the max archives was to an
> object called 'listen', by eric singer.

I've made an installation that listens to live television, sampling clips
and trying to build a sentence that I have told it.  Sort of an attempt at
making television say what I want it to say, rather than the other way

Its all run off a jitter patch, using Norman Jaffe's "listen" object - which
essentially taps into the mac's rudimentary speech recognition built into
the OS.  It was pretty tricky to deal with a constant stream of information,
but I think it would be really easy to make something that was listening for
someone to say something that they knew they were "supposed" to say...


Have fun...

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