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Kurt Ralske kranning at miau-miau.com
Wed Jun 16 07:12:32 EDT 2004

> Disk Defragmentation under MacOS X is usually unnecessary.  HFS+
> volumes, even with journalling turned off I believe, are defragmented
> on the fly.  Visit the following links for details:
> http://www.kernelthread.com/mac/apme/optimizations/#FIVE

I think this link implies a different reading. It states that one of the
_necessary_ conditions for automatic defragmenting to be done to a file is:
the file must be less than 20 mbs. So, this would not apply to most video

> I just checked my main system volume on my laptop, which has
> experienced heavy daily use for about 20 months without ever running a
> disk defragmentation utility.  This report was just generated:

> Out of 225713 non-zero data forks total, 225411 (99.87 %) have no
> fragmentation.
> Out of 8479 non-zero resource forks total, 8456 (99.73 %) have no
> fragmentation.

Even if you work with video, even only a tiny percentage of the files on
your machine will be larger than 20 mbs. But these  ~1% are the ones that
will make you tear your hair out if they drop frames!


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