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>Circuit Bending Festival
>spaceworks @ The Tank is currently accepting submissions for the 
>BENT 2005 Circuit Bending Festival. The festival will take place 
>from April 27th - May 1st at The Tank on 42nd street in New York 
>City. It is our hope that the festival will be as diverse in its 
>programming as possible, with performances, installations, lectures, 
>workshops, etc, and that it will represent as accurately as possible 
>the interests and talents of the circuit bending community. In 
>addition we are looking to expand this years' festival to include 
>work people are doing with software/hardware manipulation (i.e.- 
>Additionally, we are limiting this year's festival to a Wednesday 
>through Sunday schedule instead of spanning two weekends. This will 
>give a more even trajectory to the festivities and help us separate 
>evening concerts and public free-for-all workshops from more 
>focused, intimate and multi-part daytime workshops and events.
>This call for works falls into three categories:
>Musicians / Performance Artists
>Installation Artists
>Instructors / Volunteers
>Musicians / Performance Artists:
>We are seeking bands, musicians, and performance artists who somehow 
>incorporate the tools, aesthetics, or ideas of circuit bending into 
>their live performance. We are putting together three nights of 
>circuit bent performances and are interested in as diverse an array 
>of performances as possible. Please send a brief description of your 
>live show, and/or any links to mp3s/photos/websites etc. No 
>attachments will be read or considered. Also feel free to mail us 
>your info. See below for our contact information.
>Installation Artists:
>The Tank includes a basement gallery space, and as such we are 
>seeking 2-3 artists-in-residence who will each receive 15-20 hours 
>of gallery/studio time and as many tools and resources as we can 
>provide to complete a circuit bent installation during the festival. 
>All studio hours in the gallery will be open to the public, and we 
>are most interested in artists who don't mind chatting about what 
>they are doing and explaining circuit bending to gallery visitors 
>who wander through. Please keep in mind that this is a smallish 
>gallery space and your work and your working attitude will have to 
>co-exist with the other artists and their work. Be excited about 
>We will have a wide assortment of standard circuit bending 
>tools/equipment (soldering irons, 
>pots/wires/capacitors/resistors/etc/etc/etc) and as much random 
>materials as we can pull together. We will also facilitate a trip to 
>Materials for the Arts to help gather more supplies. (www.mfta.org)
>Please submit a written proposal of a circuit bent project that can 
>reasonably be completed in the time allotted with a modest but 
>flexible amount of supplies. See the floor plans of the gallery 
>space at 
>Instructors / Volunteers
>This year we are looking to find people that are interested in 
>leading workshops, presenting talks, and being on-hand during public 
>workshops to help beginners learn how to bend. This year we are 
>considering doing a multiple-day type workshop for attendants that 
>want to work in a more intimate setting and develop more complicated 
>work. Also, when 100 newbies show up and start ripping apart toys 
>(so fun! if you experienced the first day of the festival last year 
>you know what we mean....) it would be great to have dependable 
>people on hand that can help guide them.
>Please tell us about yourself and what you do, and how you would 
>want to be involved.
>A quick word on funding. We have applied for some grants 
>specifically to cover stipends for artists coming to participate and 
>perform in the festival. However, we do not hear the results of this 
>until mid March. As such, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE FUNDING TO 
>PARTICIPATING ARTISTS. As artists and performers ourselves, we 
>realize this is a concern, and we would very much like to compensate 
>you for your talent and your time. We hope this will be possible, 
>but we cannot assure you of any funding until AFTER the open call 
>deadline. Please act accordingly.
>Submission Deadline March 8, 2005.
>Send all submissions to:
>spaceworks at thetanknyc.org
>Or via mail at:
>C/O The Tank
>450 W 42nd Street
>NYC, NY 10036
>For information on last year's festival please see 
>To see the frame of this year's festival (still being assembled) see 
>thank you,
>Mike Rosenthal
>Daniel Greenfeld
>spaceworks @ The Tank

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