[chiplotle-discuss] hp7576a

francesco fantoni francesco at hv-a.com
Thu Mar 11 10:47:58 EST 2010

I've seen you've implemented all the queries as plotter object
properties as well, this is very easy and useful! I like chiplotle very
much! good job!


Il giorno gio, 11/03/2010 alle 10.36 -0500, douglas repetto ha scritto:
> On 3/11/10 10:33 AM, francesco fantoni wrote:
> >> btw: I'm not really an expert of HPGL, I'm just learning, what are the
> >> commands like OI, OL, OP etc. supposed to do? How do I use them, If sent
> >> to plotter they're supposed to return a string?
> >>
> >
> > Ok, sorry for the silly question, I think I got it, I've had a look at the code.
> >
> Silly questions are fine, our documentation could be better.
> We have implemented most of the plotter query commands, so yes, you send 
> the query to the plotter then you look for bytes on the serial port. 
> That's how we find the ID of the plotter you're using, for example. It's 
> also how we buffer the output, we ask the plotter how much space is in 
> the buffer so that we don't overflow...

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