[chiplotle-discuss] DCD and DSR switcher and idle and python 2.6

John Honniball coredump at gifford.co.uk
Thu Jan 5 18:58:19 EST 2012

Joe Frey wrote:
> Victor, I'm not sure what DCD and DSR are, yet.

DCD and DSR are handshaking lines on the RS-232 interface that
may be used to slow down the data coming from the host when
the plotter is, say, drawing a long line or writing text.

> But, this is why I have 
> been asking if anyone has actually got a DXY-880 going.

I have a DXY-990, which I think is the same plotter, but with
an additional red LED X/Y display. I think it really adds something
to see the co-ordinates flashing by on the LEDs...

But, I use it with some plain C code that I wrote many years ago,
and I communicate with it via the parallel port. I have a plan
here to switch over to RS-232 and get that going soon.  Will
also test a couple of inexpensive USB-to-parallel cables with
the plotter.

John Honniball
coredump at gifford.co.uk

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