[cmc-users] Concert NYC-Friday

Douglas Geers geersde at music.columbia.edu
Tue Apr 5 01:43:17 EDT 2005

Dear all,

I'd like to invite you all to attend a concert this Friday night that will 
include the premiere of two new works by me, as well as several other 
wonderful pieces by my friends in the Electric Music Collective: 
Christopher Bailey, Marcus Alessi Bittencourt, and Timothy Polashek.  
We'll also feature a new piece by Joseph Pehrson, and performances by 
Meredith Borden , Maja Cerar, Matthew Polashek, Sukato, and Marcus 
Bittencourt.  Details are below.

I hope to see you there!

- Doug Geers


American Festival of Microtonal Music presents:
MicroFest 2005: 25th Anniversary

March 26 , April 8 , May 6

 The American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM), under the direction of 
Johnny Reinhard, presents 3 New York Concerts at Faust and Harrison Pianos 
(located at 205 West 58th Street,  New York City). The series begins on 
March 26, continues on April 8, and concludes on May 6. All concerts start 
at 8 PM. General admission is $15, $10 for seniors and students (with ID) 
at the door. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the AFMM is issuing 3 
CDs on its PITCH label.  See 
http://www.afmm.org/noframeix.php?rurl=microfest2005.html for more 

FRIDAY, APRIL 8th is a presentation of the Electric Music Collective and 
features combinations of electronic and acoustic settings.  Timothy 
Polashek opens the evening with polymicrotonal computer generations of 
HOT-TEMPERED ARPEGGIOS.  Marcus Alessi Bittencourt introduces BATHYSCAPHE 
for piano and live electronics. Christopher Bailey is represented by two 
works, OOOGAAH: DUNGEONY SPECIMEN SPACESHIP for computer-generated sound 
and samples, with scales and tunings based on spectral analyses, and 
MGESAHRED EFFLEWD BQNOUSSK in 23-limit Just Intonation for baritone 
saxophonist Matthew Polashek and the composer at the piano.  Douglas 
Geers' pair of works are SHADOW with violinist Maja Cerar and live 
electronics, and LUNAR CRESCENT for Matthew Polashek (saxophone) and live 
electronics, both in Just Intonation. And Joseph Pehrson's world premiere 
of BLACK AND JILL featuring soprano Meredith Borden singing in a subset of 
72-tone equal temperament rounds out the program.

For more information on the concert, please email info at emcollective.org.  
See www.emcollective.org for more information about and CDs by the 
Electric Music Collective.

Douglas Geers
Composer and Computer Musician
Assistant Professor of Composition
Director, Electronic Music Studios
University of Minnesota, USA

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