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Tue Aug 23 13:53:00 EDT 2005

The Columbia Arts Initiative is looking for any students who
are interested in the arts - film, theatre, dance, music,
creative writing, painting, sculpturing and all visual arts -
to work in our bustling office at Prentis Hall.  The Arts
Initiative was created by President  Lee C. Bollinger in 2004
to make the arts an integral part of the university
experience. Led by director Gregory Mosher, its aims include
energizing the vast artistic energy of the campus, connecting
the campus to the unparalleled resources of New York's
cultural scene, linking the arts to other ways of
understanding the world, and producing or presenting work
that would otherwise not be experienced.  We have several
exciting projects about to launch this semester, like
CUArts.com - a portal to the arts on and off campus and an
exclusive CU student ticket discount site where all tickets
will be $20 or less and purchasable in advance - and so we
need motivated students who want to help us make all the arts
more accessible to the entire campus.

Flexible hours
$8/ hour
Work study and non-work study students encouraged to apply
Open to undergraduates and graduate students
Start Aug/September

If interested, please send an email to Lauretta Davis
lmd2116 at columbia.edu
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