[dorkbotbristol-blabber] Lots of info, summarised!

Ale Fernandez skoria at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 11:04:04 EST 2010


Lots of different bits of info, so I hope this email doesn't get too
long, for your sakes!!

1) A Maker Faire guy named David would like to encourage BBC focus (I
think) which is here in Bristol, to do a program on makers here in
Bristol, which could tie in to the faire. Also they are happy to
showcase anything and I listed a few recent things we've done, and it
may be we can take lots of it to the Newcastle faire too (awaiting
confirmation of this) - is anyone into going/driving even?

2) I read the small print for the bike power people's pngs (here:
http://sparror.cubecinema.com/tziteras/images/dorkbot/ ) and they want
to get a 3d laser printer too, and want to work with other people to
get it together. Interested? I'm guessing the answer about the
proposed bike power project is "no" though.

3) About Wikis, as a way to communicate towards getting a hackspace
going (with possible ideal location the suggested rail bridge by
Temple Meads), I joined the hackerspace jabber list and irc channel
and http://code.google.com/p/hackerspace-os/ was suggested - it looks
brilliant although some of the text is in german - including billing
system, gallery, project manager thingy, projects organiser and it's
all web based. Also I'm quite sure we can run an IRC channel somewhere
quite easily. Anyone care to set one up, and see if it gets anywhere??
Other suggestions also accepted! Marcus is happy to use the Cube
Cinema's Sparror independent server to host a wiki. 2600nl have also
offered to host, and other suggestions will be brilliant! Ideally I
think it would be good to do our own server though at some point, and
I think someone has already registered us a domain?...

Finally here is a brilliant starting point if anyone else wants to
help us to figure it all out:


This presentation suggests the 2+2 rule - where 2 people start things
going, who need to be joined by 2 more once more things need doing.

4) I went to the "shop shop" meeting here at Coexist (the real name of
Hamilton house, confusingly). The shop will be run cooperatively by
the artists and residents based here, including Bristol Wireless who
will supply a computer. There was lots of enthusiasm for a display
area, gallery space, resident/project info area and other spaces which
we have access to whilst the hackspace is here. They are really into
displaying things we make or even selling things. They really liked
the idea of selling or "demonstrating" the ganzfeld devices, and I'm
even harbouring the delusion that I might be able to get the whole
idea on to a PCB and make a really cheap one!! I just put it all up on
google code. The shop would also be able to buy things in larger
quantities and offer a supply of materials to the artists here, as
well as using their left overs. Pity to be leaving, it's a nice bunch
of people including a recycled paper making factory.  On the other
hand, it may be that this studio space I'm using could be kept on as a
shared office/mini soldering space, as I'm getting good deal and have
only taken it on 'til March. Again, what do you think? Just
suggestions... Coexist has got a ning site which looks quite active:

See you here next Tuesday! Or are there any scouting missions planned,
to the temple meads place? :)


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