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> Better late than never Dorkbot CBR kicks off for 2010 with a
> presentation by Kate Richards
> Tuesday 4 May 7:30 pm Canberra Contemporary Art Space
> Kate will be chatting to us via Skype from her studio in Sydney.
> Kate Richards develops, creates and exhibits in the new media
> bandwidth. She has been working with interactive multimedia for 15
> years and exhibits electronic art in Australia and internationally.
> Kate is in development on a new astronomy project, ‘eclipse’, in
> association with the Research School for Astronomy and Astrophysics at
> ANU and games developer Nocturnal. She is the multimedia artist on the
> performance project ‘Mr Dawes Pronounces Well’. In November 2010 Kate
> will be artist in residence with UK performance group Blast Theory. In
> September 09 Kate was artist in residence at Belfast’s Digital Art
> Studio and exhibited in the ‘OUTSIDE ISEA” exhibition, and in January
> 2010 she was resident at Bundanon Artist Retreat in rural NSW.
> ‘Wayfarer v 2 - Urban Agents’ premiered in Melbourne at the Victorian
> Arts Centre in November 2009. Kate’s recent multimedia art projects
> include ‘Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters’ in Second Life,
> ‘Bystander’ from the Life After Wartime suite with Ross Gibson
> (interactive installation, CDROMS, live performance and exhibition);
> the live event space ‘Wayfarer’ with Martyn Coutts; datamapping
> software ‘sub_scape’ with Sarah Waterson and Crying Man 4 with Lyndal
> Jones. An experienced and well respected collaborator, Kate also makes
> solo work and had a photographic exhibition ‘The Uncertainty
> Principle’ at the Australian Centre for Photography in October 2007.
> As a multimedia concept designer and producer (SparkeMedia), Kate
> delivers both large and boutique scale projects, collaborating with
> content providers such as historians, curators, archeologists and
> corporate identity to develop, design and deliver a variety of
> multimedia formats. Her recent clients include the University of
> Technology Sydney with The Nobel Museum Stockholm; Landini Associates,
> architects; Jurlique International; Australian Network for Art and
> Technology; Historic Houses Trust NSW; Stalker Theatre Company; the
> National Parks and Wildlife Service (NSW); the Sydney Olympic Park
> Authority, and Otto Cserhalmi + Partners, and Jacob Allom and Wade;
> the Historic Houses Trust NSW, and artists Brad Miller and Barbara
> Campbell. Kate is currently Course C-ordinator for the Master of
> Convergent Media degree at the University of Western Sydney.
> Recent multimedia art projects
> ‘Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters’ Second Life 2008 ongoing
> With Kerreen Ely-Harper and Angela Thomas
> Funded by Australia Council Literature Board and the New Media Consortium
> Foul Whisperings.. is a dynamic interactive way of investigating
> Shakespeare’s plays in a virtual world. Taking Macbeth off the page
> and into a realtime, networked environment, Foul Whisperings.. offers
> audiences new ways of understanding  and experiencing classical
> literature. Stage 2 (Major Performing Arts Board grant) commences June
> 09.
> Media: Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Macbeth/43/50/54/
> ‘Wayfarer’ – a series of participatory art events 2007 ongoing
> With Martyn Coutts
> Funded by Australia Council Interarts, the Performance Space,
> Victorian Arts Centre
> ‘Wayfarer’ is a live event space for performers, audience and
> passersby. Part exploration, part competition, part surreal thriller –
> this project allows the audience and performers navigate new
> territories together. Wayfarer was a sell out at Sydney’s Performance
> Space at Carriage Works in Sept 2007 and v2 Urban Agents premiered in
> Melbourne in 2009.
> Media: live performance; streamed video, audio; bluetooth, RFID.
> Custom software and custom hardware kit assembled from off the shelf
> components.
> Exhibited: The Performance Space@ Carriage Works 2007, Arts Centre
> Melbourne
> ‘Bystander’ Multi channel interactive installation 2007
> With Ross Gibson
> Funded by Australian  Research Council, the Nelson Meers Foundation, UTS
> Bystander is comprised of five projection-screens and surround sound.
> All round the visitors, a spirit-world of images, texts and sound gets
> composed in response to their movement, mass and attentiveness.  The
> result is a compelling, sensual and kinaesthetic affect, combining
> with the photographic and text material to create an intellectually
> intriguing metanarrative. To enter the space is to witness
> simultaneous fragments of multiple Sydney histories. Bystander is part
> of a suite of projects called Life After Wartime, created by Ross
> Gibson and Kate Richards.  see www.lifeafterwartime.com
> Media: steel frame, front projection screens, 5 video channels and 5:1
> surround sound audio. Custom software system, written in C++;
> interactive audio in Max MSP.
> Exhibited: The Performance Space@ Carriage Works 2007, The Justice and
> Police Museum 2009.
> ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ photographic exhibition 2007
> This solo photographic show at Sydney’s ACP explores the metaphysical
> conundrum of ‘nature’ in a post nature age. Examining our shifting
> relationships to the natural world, ‘The Uncertainty Principle’
> references Heisenberg’s early 20Cth axiom in a meditation on movement,
> perception and the annihilation of time/space.
> Media: wall drawing, digital prints on voile
> Exhibited: The Australian Centre for Photography Sydney
> ‘sub_scape’ datamapping software installations 2004  ongoing
> with Sarah Waterson
> ‘sub_scape’ is a real-time generative system for manipulating data
> streams. The system samples, folds and re maps one data set onto
> another creating aesthetic complexes and evolving patterns, anomalies,
> turbulence and recursive effects.
> Media: custom datamapping software with real time effects written in
> Max MSP and Jitter; texts, video and statistical data inputs;
> installation display.
> Exhibited: ISEA2004 Helsinki, ‘Proof the act of seeing with one's own
> eyes’ ACMI Melbourne, d<art Sydney, syncity ACP Sydney, WIFT
> Sydney.
> Life After Wartime suite 1999 ongoing
> with Ross Gibson
> Life After Wartime is a suite of multimedia artworks by Kate Richards
> and Ross Gibson. Based on 3000 archival scene-of-crime images from
> Sydney and thousands of evocative texts by Gibson, each iteration
> within the suite uses various design and interaction techniques to
> engage its audience.
> The suite comprises:
> Crime Scene - 1999-2000 - Justice & Police Museum Sydney and touring
> Darkness Loiters - 2000 - an interactive story engine, various exhibitions
> Life After Wartime CD-ROM - 2003 - exhibited nationally and
> internationally, including South Africa, Brasil. For sale through the
> artists, funded by the Australian Film Commission
> Life After Wartime live with The Necks  - Adelaide Fringe Festival
> 2001 and Sydney Opera House 2003 -  a live improvised event with world
> renowned jazz trio The Necks
> Bystander - 2007 - a 5 channel interactive and immersive video
> installation at The Performance Space at CarriageWorks Sydney 2007
> My role: collaborating artist and multimedia producer
> Media: various outcomes form one database of images, texts and sounds
> ‘Crying Man 4’ 2004
> with Lyndal Jones
> This 3 channel video installation explores the complex issues of male
> emotionalism.
> My role: collaborating artist
> Media: three channels of front projection, sound
> Exhibited: Artspace Sydney
> --
> http://www.alexandragillespie.net
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexandragillespie/
> http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotcbr/

Tracey Benson

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