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WHAT: September 2008 DorkbotDC meeting
WHEN: Tuesday, September 30th, 7 PM - 9 PM (ET)
	Smith Hall of Art, Room 114,
	George Washington University
	801 22nd St NW
	Washington, DC 20037
	Google map: http://is.gd/2FEs

BRUCE HOWARD : The Lightglove Virtual Controller

Lightglove is a “virtual controller” technology worn underneath the 
wrist that optically senses hand shape and tracks position with motion 
sensors in real time. Not only does it allow the user to control 
elements in virtual space, but the interface itself is virtual since it 
is a non-contact optical sensing platform that moves untethered with the 
hand(s). The host system emulates any hand-input device e.g. mouse, 
joystick, on-screen keyboard or virtual reality glove. The benefits of 
this unique technology include ergonomics, instant availability on the 
wrist and gesture-based control. He will discuss the advantages of 
Lightglove technology and provide a live demonstration to illustrate 
operation and the fine degree of sensitivity the controller offers.


ANDREW HARRIS : Functional Programming for Hobbyist-Class Platforms

Functional programming languages are used by discriminating hackers 
around the world because of their power and elegance. But for those 
discriminating hackers that want to target low-power hobbyist-class 
platforms such as ARM and XScale based systems, or even smaller systems, 
a quandary exists: popular functional language compilers such as the 
Glasgow Haskell Compiler and the MLton Standard ML compiler are very 
big, complex, and employ large run-time libraries. Recompiling the 
run-time libraries for new platforms is difficult. As an alternative, 
this talk presents an open source functional programming language 
compiler that generates pure C code -- code expressly designed to be 
suitable for compilation and execution on these hobbyist-class 
platforms. This eliminates the quandary that those discriminating 
hackers face when targeting small, low power hobbyist-class platforms 
for building REDACTED and REDACTED.


If you--or someone you know--has an interesting announcement or 
something to share (5 minutes or less), we'll make time to fit you in.

After the presentations, the exchange continues over food and drink at a 
nearby eatery.

Got a project you'd like to present? Write us and tell us about it!
dorkbotdc at dorkbot.org


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