[dorkbotdc-blabber] Technical Help

Nikolas Coukouma atrus at atrus.org
Tue Jul 10 19:40:49 EDT 2007

Panfeld, Michael F. wrote:
> Hi:  does anybody happen to know what the current status of consumer
> products offering either wireless Firewire or Wireless HDMI is?  I think
> some products are about to hit the market, just not sure if they are
> already here or what the range of products will be.  Thanks
AFAIK, wireless firewire is dead in the water. The spec was approved 
back in 2004 but no products have come out (that I'm aware of or can 
find). Some quick searching only turns up mentions of the spec and 

Wireless HDMI cables were announced by Philips in February and were 
supposed to be available in May. I'm not able to find any listings, 
though. Here's the press release:

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