[dorkbotdc-blabber] So we doin' this robot thing??

pindar at pindar.org pindar at pindar.org
Mon Jun 16 21:18:35 EDT 2008


I just invested in a Firefly Digital Video Camera with Development Kit  
and new computer to introduce feedback.  I have no idea how I will  
make the feedback work.  I will be planning it all out in the next  
couple of weeks.

I want to depart from the current command algorithms that instruct the  
robot using XY coordinates.  Instead I want it to paint purely from  
information it gets from the camera.

For example, I want to begin with an intended image.  Then lay out a  
bunch of primary colors and canvas.  Then I want the camera to explore  
its "world" to see what it has to
work with.  From this it would get colors and canvas size.  then an  
algorithm would select a color, and possibly mix of colors, and start  
making marks on the canvas to resemble the stored image.  Subsequent  
marks would be based purely on the location of previous marks seen in  
the camera.

The ultimate goal is to stop sending commands as a series of XY  
coordinates, and start painting more like an artist...

I will of course keep you all updated. Also, I have made a bunch of  
art recently.  Will put together a web page and send a link shortly.


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