[dorkbotlondon-blabber] [OT] iBooks and Airport Extreme/Broadcom Wifi hacking

Toby Corkindale tjc at wintrmute.net
Mon Jul 11 21:08:54 EDT 2005

On Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 04:20:31AM +1000, diva Gerard, David wrote:
> Toby Corkindale (tjc at wintrmute.net) [050712 03:28]:
> > I guess I just like sticking with what I know and like.. I have Gentoo Linux
> > running on my other systems.
> > I'm not saying there's anything wrong with OSX - it's just that I don't
> > know if I have the time or headspace to relearn yet another entirely new
> > system of Doing Things.
> It's not Entirely New, but it does match the hardware well. I would get a
> Mac to Linux (probably Ubuntu, which I *really like*) but there's no wifi
> driver for it yet.

I'm reasonably hardware agnostic. It's a pity that MacOS/Windows (and most
operating systems) have traditionally been locked to one system. Now everyone
associates them with the particular aspects of the hardware they're related

> > As it happens, I picked up the iBook on the weekend. I've installed a new
> > hardrive into it, and Gentoo. Seems to work pretty well - I was worried
> > about power management, suspend/standby, that sort of thing, but it seems
> > to cope fine.
> So where did you see these plummeting Mac prices? We've been watching eBay
> *very* closely and saw a dip in price after the Intel announcement, then
> prices recovered. And around then Freescale announced they had managed an
> increment in the PowerPC mobile speed, from 1.67GHz to ... 1.70. Uh, yeah.

eBay has never been a particularly cheap place to get anything, IMO.
(Although useful for harder to find things)

Maybe I just got lucky, or was looking in the right place at the bottom of the
dip you mention? I don't know. Not complaining though, for a decent laptop for
just over a couple of hundred quid.


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