[dorkbotlondon-blabber] Dorkbotlondon #39, Wednesday 21stJune, 7pm, Limehouse Town Hall

alex alex at slab.org
Fri Jun 16 07:30:33 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-06-16 at 12:24 +0100, greenman wrote:
> Yip. I'm into burning things at the moment. 
> Hmmm. What could be done for a Summer Dorkstice ?  
> Stonehenge will be full of hippies. Midsummer Night's Dream was full of
> faries. The witches go running around naked. 
> They used to light many fires. But, then, as I said, I am into burning
> things at the momemt. 

Maybe we should each bring something we don't like very much to burn.  A
kind of sacrifice in reverse.

I'll bring Nigel Havers.


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