[dorkbotlondon-blabber] Anyone here with experience in Natural language processing for commisioned artwork?

Ric Carvalho ricardo at sertik.com
Wed Sep 22 13:21:01 EDT 2010

Hi everyone!

I'm applying for funding for a site specific sound installation in
Liverpool. The piece involves the use of natural language processing /
generative text to speech software. I've done a very rough version using an
ELIZA library and some basic text to speech conversion software but I will
need someone with much more experience in this field to make this actually
I'm in the process of applying for funding and would like to first discuss
with whoever might be interested how much they think is needed to cover
programming and other technical costs.
I will give you more information about the specifics and concept of the
project in person.
If you are interested or you know someone who might please let me know.

Contact details are below (I'm based in London by the way, and not

+44 (0)7709028536
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