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Hi  folks

My 2c [of a Euro = not very much?], could the soldering be replaced by breadboard as far as possible? I solder when necessary but hate it and really need a separate course for it. 

Also, if stuff was breadboarded then the projects can be dismounted/remounted/evolved each presentation of the course. 

Best regards Hugh

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The pre-reqs are probably going to be the challenge. I would like to

make things as open as possible.
If you see the basic, dodgy code behind a lot of really cool art projects I don't think this'll be a problem!
15 yo girls & boys without even a GCSE got useful with them pretty quickly. Arduinos are IMO a fantastic way to introduce people to electronics with no code/wiring background.

Dearest Dorks

Don't forget there's also sewable LilyPad Arduino + components + e-textiles ;-)



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