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Prof Yvonne Rogers of the UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC) is giving a public lecture at Imperial College on 17 January at 6pm, further details below. It's free to attend but prior registration is needed.



Can we really change people’s behaviour through technological nudges and for how long?

Date:    17 Jan 2012
Time:    18:00 - 19:00
Venue:    Lecture Theatre 1.31, Royal School of Mines
Campus:    South Kensington Campus
Speaker:    Professor Yvonne Rogers

Abstract: We 
have been exploring how ubiquitous technology interventions can 
facilitate behavioural change. In particular, my research 
investigates how new kinds of salient information can be delivered in 
innovative ways, using affordable pervasive, ambient and wearable 
technologies, to help people make better-informed decisions in situ. 
Examples of behaviours include those that have been identified as 
problematic (e.g., well-being) or socially desirable (e.g. reducing 
energy consumption). Questions our approach raises include how easy and 
ethical is it to 'nudge' people in a desired direction, and how long do 
the changes last? In my talk, I will describe the techniques from 
behavioural science and social psychology that we have applied to human 
computer interactions in order to encourage people to change their 
behaviour. I will describe our 'fast and frugal' techniques – where we 
seek to provide the right kind of information in ways that does not 
overload people and that, can be understood in the context of 
their ongoing activities.
 Biography: Yvonne 
Rogers is a Professor of Interaction Design and director of UCLIC at 
UCL. She is also a visiting professor at the Open University, Indiana 
University and Sussex University. She has spent sabbaticals at Stanford,
 Apple, Queensland University, and UCSD. Her research focuses on 
augmenting and extending everyday learning and work activities with a 
diversity of novel technologies. She was one of the principal 
investigators on the UK Equator Project (2000-2007) where she pioneered 
ubiquitous learning. She has published widely, beginning with her PhD 
work on graphical interfaces to her recent work on public visualizations
 and behavioural change. She has also been awarded a prestigious EPSRC dream fellowship where she will rethink the relationship between ageing, computing and creativity.
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