[dorkbotmelbourne-blabber] Dorkbot Melbourne, 4pm, Sunday 26th August, 2007

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Wed Aug 22 18:59:02 EDT 2007

[pls. spread the word far and wide!]

Dorkbot Melbourne
>>> people doing strange things with electricity <<<
4pm, Sunday 26th August, 2007
Level 1, 124a Johnston St Fitzroy 3065 (just east of Brunswick St).

Powering through the Melbourne winter, Dorkbot Melbourne is once again
happening this Sunday. Everyone with an interest in doing strange things
with electricity is invited to come along and check out the presentations
and participate in lively discussion. Bring your friends. Bring drinks and
nibblies of your choice. Scheduled talks are outlined below.

As usual there will be an opportunity for anyone to spend a couple of
minutes explaining what they're up to, promoting related activities and
events, or requesting help. You're welcome to just turn up and ask on the
day, but feel free to let us know in advance. Also, please get in touch with
us at ( dorkbotmelbourne at dorkbot.org ) if you'd like to present something at
a future dorkbot.

::: The Gumstix and you - A guide to pint size wonders :::
Jesse Stevens (noodlepringle) & Tim Humphrey (Tim Humphrey) from "The
Megaphone Project"

Tim and Jesse will show their endeavours into the wonderful world of
miniature computers. We're talking the size of a stick of gum. Being a fully
blown linux distribution with a pretty powerful arm processor makes this
little thing great for new media ventures and network connected dinosaur
time-machines (or not).
 [ http://www.gumstix.com/ ]
 [ http://madeleineandtim.net/MegaphoneProject.html ]

::: Teaching Programming to Art students :::
Cameron Bonde

For the last few years Cameron has been wrangling arts students into
building 3D games with OpenGL: just think, a classroom full of people each
building their own Marble Madness type game. Cameron teaches at Victoria
University, and at this months dorkbot he'll be discussing his experiences
teaching art students to code.
 [ http://www.kartsim.com/ ]
 [ http://www.similarmusic.com/ ]


Monthly dorkbot meetings are scheduled for the last Sunday of every month
(except December) so whack it in your diary now.

Hope to see you there!

The Melbourne dorkbot overlords: Javier, Ross, Danielle and Jon

dorkbotmelbourne at dorkbot.org

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