[dorkbotmtl-infusion] i want a joystick

Elie Zananiri prisonerjohn at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 22:14:09 EDT 2006

hey what's up dorkbot,

i need to build a joystick, and i was wondering if it's possible to  
do so using some sort of 2d potentiometer.  i managed to make one  
with 4 push-buttons (one per direction) but this is going to take up  
too many pins which i need for other things.  i just saw this picture  
and it looks like that's exactly what i need: http://www.arduino.cc/ 

so, anyone know where i can find this? what it's called?

if not, anyone have any ideas on how to build something like this?   
how can i use 1 stick to control 2 pots in different directions?  i  
just can't picture it...


Elie Zananiri

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