[dorkbotpdx-announce] Late Reminder: Meeting tonight (2/18) at Lucky Lab NW, 7:00PM

Thomas Lockney tlockney at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 13:34:14 EST 2008

Ok, so... I'm a lazy bum and forgot to send out the reminder until  
just now, but we ARE having a meeting tonight. As with last time,  
we'll be meeting at the NW Lucky Lab on Quimby. I'm trying to get this  
out quickly, so look up the address if you don't know where it is  
already! ;~)

I expect to see you all there, not just the usual suspects this time.  
Come on, it's a holiday (ok, so I still have to work today, but it's  
Presidents' Day... we have to celebrate our wonderful democracy with  
beer and electric things).


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