[dorkbotpdx-blabber] .... Virtual meeting .... (1/17@7:30PM) at the Lucky Lab (Hawthorne)

Donald Delmar Davis don at defazio.digithink.com
Thu Jan 18 01:15:48 EST 2007

.... I agree that a virtual meeting was totally the way to go  
tonight.  With all us geeks, you'd think we'd have a chat/voice/video/ 
whatever channel(s) setup eh?....

I had a manager at hp (he was only a manager through seniority and we  
were on a total bastard project [one that was scheduled to be  
canceled for outsourcing]).

We were his first experience at management. I went to our 1 on 1  
meeting for the first time and he had me open a shared document that  
we filled out as we sat in the room looking over our laptops. It was  
a completely surreal experience that I absolutely refused to repeat.  
We went to paper within a month.

I think that we have established the need for human contact here.  
Otherwise we could just join dorkbot-elsewhere or dorkbot-virtual.

I meant that we should continue on in spirit if not in physical  
presence given that the wet roads are freezing.

I am gonna solder some more now.


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