[dorkbotpdx-blabber] [GroupOrder] Aug 11 is the next order date.

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Sat Aug 9 23:49:00 EDT 2008


Tempus dictum will need 19 benito kits and 19 dorkboard kits for the  
induction at PARTs next month.

That means that it will only take 6 more to get the Q25 discount.


On Aug 6, 2008, at 1:05 PM, Mr.T wrote:

> As a reminder, the group order for delivery on Aug 18 goes out on  
> Aug 11.
> How this works:
> I have been coordinating a batch style group order to the various
> component distributors.
> I will be accepting parts lists to go into a group order to Digikey,
> Mouser and Newark  to be ordered on  the monday before the next  
> meeting. A
> list of parts currently on order will be posted to this wiki page. I
> (eric) will update the page with what is in the order and what is in  
> the
> "bulk discount" category.
> Why would you want to do this? Two reasons:
> 1. Saves money (should eliminate handling fees on small orders,  
> shipping
> cost is spread across all people in the order, possible volume  
> discount)
> 2. Saves resources (less packing used, less fuel used)
> How this works (this is new and subject to change):
> On the Monday of the week before a meeting I will aggregate and place
> orders. I will send out via email the order totals plus their share  
> of the
> shipping. People can either bring cash to the meeting or pay pal their
> share to me (adding 2.9% + $0.30 for the fee that paypal charges  
> me).  The
> orders should arrive that week and I will break out components into
> individual orders. On the day of the meeting I will bring the orders  
> for
> distribution.
> If you are the only person that orders that week I will contact you  
> to see
> if you want me to wait until the next order cycle to put in with  
> others,
> or forget it altogether .
> How to place an order:
> Orders can be placed by sending me an email (
> drtwist at aracnet.com ) with the following information: quantity,  
> vendor,
> exact distributor part number, part description. preferably you just
> respond to the email reminder blabber list, this way others can see  
> your
> parts order an hopefully get ideas.
> Looking like this:
> Qty 1 , Digikey, ATMEGA168-20AU-ND, Atmel ATMega 168 MCU
> The order goes out on on the monday at 5pm the week before a meeting  
> and
> every 2 weeks there after.
> If you
> have questions please drop me a line. If you have placed an order  
> and are
> not going to make it the meeting let me know. The money to place these
> orders comes out of my pocket so if you aren't sure you.re going to  
> pay me
> please don't order them, I will be unlikely to order for you in the  
> future
> if you do.
> Have fun
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> Drtwist:
> drtwist at aracnet.com
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