[dorkbotpdx-blabber] solor powered Dorkboard, fact or fiction?

Jayson Falkner jfalkner at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 16:04:00 EDT 2009

Hi Scott,

This thread has some great advice in it. Please let me know when you
finish your project. I'd like to try building a similar setup, and I
think it'd be a fun thing to document and post on the dorkbotpdx
website. It seems to me that it'd be cool to have a kit to easily get
people starting with solar powered dorkboard projects. Sunshine is


2009/3/31 scott winner <scott at scenbot.com>:
> I am looking for some advice or tips. Here is my project,
> I want to run my Dorkboard on solor power. Don is setting me up with a 3
> volt chip. That will help a lot. I am going to model the control after the
> Solorbotics voltage trigger; solor energy is stored in caps then dumped into
> the Dorkboard when a critical voltage is reached.
> So my question for the ether is, what size caps? How much power needs to be
> stored to run the Dorkboard? No motor function, just to blink the light. I
> know how much to run the motors that will be on a separate circuit.
> Ok go nuts folks.
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