[dorkbotpdx-blabber] Oops..

dan p gunterhausfrau at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 19:44:30 EDT 2009

I sent in something last week that showed up on the dorkbotpdx website, but
as far as I saw never went out to e-mail list. (usually happens when I start
a new thread, when I continue with a previous it seems to work.

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 4:13 PM, Thomas Lockney <thomas at lockney.net> wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 3:27 PM, Devon Gleeson <death2artists at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > really. hmm strange I'm on the list.
> Never saw anything on the admin side. You sure you hit the little
> 'send' button? ;~)
> ~thomas
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