[dorkbotpdx-blabber] science question: spectrascopic measurement?

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Wed Jan 21 15:31:47 EST 2009


I might be able to help out here.  I have the business end of a  
spectrograph (variable diffraction grating; stepper-motor driven  
scanning mirror; and photo-multiplier tube) that should do the trick.   
I need to make an interface for it, as I don't have the control box  
that goes w/ it, but that's not a problem.  I can't guarantee any  
accuracy, but using a couple sources of known wavelengths (like a HeNe  
laser) as references, we should be able to get a good idea of  
frequency distribution.

We'd still need to work out some optics to get the light into the unit though.

Are you thinking of setting this up for a day?  This probably wouldn't  
be suitable for a month long installment.


Quoting Mykle Hansen <mykle at mykle.com>:

> hi,
> another Lightbar-related request for help: there are "wide-spectrum"
> bulbs, and mixtures of different bulbs will also help spread the spectrum
> of wavelengths in LIGHTBAR, but how does anybody really know just
> what light they're looking at?  it would be cool if we could rig
> up some kind of spectrometer.  i know how to do that for one direct
> light source (using a prism) but how would one take a spectral
> measurement of the ambient light falling on a point from all
> light sources?
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