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cameron adamez cameron at soycow.org
Wed Jan 21 15:56:24 EST 2009

I can offer my services as a violist who can usually play in tune, and  
occasionally on the beat.


El Jan 21, 2009, a las 9:13 AM, Mykle Hansen escribió:

> LIGHTBAR is under construction! We're on schedule to for the opening  
> ceremony on Saturday, February 7th! However, between now and then we  
> humbly request any and all of the following assistance:
> ELECTRICAL: help us run 110v power to all corners of the dome! we  
> have 4 nearby circuits to draw from.
> LIGHT: Contributions of light are always welcome! Bring your  
> beautiful and/or wide-spectrum light fixtures, or your light-based  
> artworks, or your crazy DMX-driven light robots, for installation  
> during part or all of our February run.
> COLOR: Color-themed evenings abound! If you have a favorite color,  
> and would like to assist in the colorization of LIGHTBAR on an  
> evening devoted to that color, please get in touch!
> VIDEO: Our fiendish plan to construct a complete, integrated  
> hemisphere of full-motion video is almost complete! We just need  
> more video projectors, and more computers to drive them. (OpenGL  
> video cards especially welcome.)
> MUSIC: We need about 35 musicians for a public performance of Terry  
> Riley's "In C". Must be able to read basic sheet music. (Don't  
> worry, it's in C.)
> DRINKS: Mixologists unite! LIGHTBAR wants to be your bar! We seek  
> donations of light beverages and light-hearted people to mix them.  
> We will develop a signature LIGHTBAR drink menu over the course of  
> February. Much research awaits us!
> SNACKS: LIGHTBAR needs hors d'ovres! Is making grilled cheese  
> sandwiches your thing? Let's talk! We have use of a nearby kitchen,  
> and are soliciting donations of food for light snacks. A small  
> budget exists. You can't just let people starve.
> "LASERS": This year LIGHTBAR will feature a full-service  
> planetarium! We'd like to back that up with a laser lightshow. Got  
> one handy? (NOTE: It's only fun until someone loses an eye.)
> HEAT: February is cold! LIGHTBAR seeks a small woodstove for the  
> month of February. Ideally it could also make grilled-cheese  
> sandwiches.
> CULTURE: Ah, culture! Yes, LIGHTBAR will be stocked like a pond with  
> inspiring music, poetry, conversation, art, fashion and joy. But  
> there's room for more! Want to curate a night of uplift? Have a  
> talent that says SPRING IS COMING? Seeking a brightly-lit geodesic  
> dome for your next company off-site or barmitzvah? LIGHTBAR is YOUR  
> Seasonal Affective Disorder treatment center! Help us make it special!
> WTF?!?:  It's LIGHTBAR!  You know ... LIGHTBAR!  The S.A.D.  
> treatment center and glowing festival that materializes every  
> February in Portland!  More exciting announcements soon to arrive.   
> Watch this space!
> If you can help with any of the above, please send some mail or call  
> mykle @ 503-975-5222.  Thanks!
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