[dorkbotpdx-blabber] DorkbotPDX Meeting, Monday 3/2, 7PM @ NW Lucky Lab

Hans Lindauer armatronix at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 2 20:16:23 EST 2009

I managed to pull this off a couple of weeks ago (with the help of 
Donald's blog).  I'll bring the necessary hardware tonight.


Dylan Bennett wrote:
> This week I somehow managed to bork the bootloader on the Atmega168
> for my Arduino Duemilanove board. I built a parallel programmer but
> have had little success burning a new bootloader with it. (I also had
> quite a time just trying to find a computer with a working parallel
> port!) If anyone has anything they can bring with them that might help
> me burn a new bootloader onto my Atmega168, I'd gladly buy you a drink
> or a bite to eat. :) My laptop doesn't have a parallel port, but I can
> bring the parallel programmer cable I made.
> I already ordered a new Atmega328 chip from Adafruit, but it won't be
> here until late this week or early next. I'd really like to be able to
> get this Atmega168 working again, though.

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