[dorkbotpdx-blabber] How many LED's can I run off of an atMega644p?

Hans Lindauer armatronix at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 9 18:17:41 EDT 2009

I have several spare 8-channel LED drivers that should do what you want, 
here's a link to the specs:



Daniel Johnson wrote:
> I'm interested in making a POV type device, and I was looking at the
> many pins of my atMega644p, and thinking that it would simplify the
> design a whole lot if I could just direct drive the pins.  After
> looking at the manual it looks like the max current draw for the whole
> device is 200 milliamps, but dividing that by all the pins drops it to
> around 5mA a pin which by my understanding would be a very dim LED.
> What would be a simple way of keeping the premise of turning on/off 8
> LED's at once by writing a byte to a register, but increasing the max
> current draw?

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