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Helena Schniewind lena at opticnoodle.com
Thu Mar 12 12:52:17 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

This thread couldn't come at a better time. I'm an artist who uses all 
sorts of A/V stuff in live performance, I've just relocated to Portland, 
and I was involved in Dorkbot London while I was doing an MA there. You 
can get an overview of what I'm doing and interested in at 

Things that came to my mind while reading this thread:

1) Probably the best place to start is to present my work at the next 
presentation type dorkbot. Sign me up!

2) I'd also be up for leading a performance-based workshop. Or series of 
workshops. Performance techniques/expression for shy folks/bold 
dorks/just people, explore ways to incorporate classic dorkbot creations 
into interactive performance environments, etc. I'm open to addressing 
any aspect of tech in performance that there seems to be intereste in. 
Feel free to contact me with things you've been curious about.

3) I am in desperate need of a technical collaborator. I've got a 
prototype system I created in Isadora that I'd love to migrate to open 
source tech. Too involved to go into here.
Quite possibly a long-term thing, strong emphasis on the collaboration bit.

4) I might be useful as a sort of UI consultant for "interactive" 
projects. I'm really keen to push the user's experience of interactive 
work out of safe places that we've been lulled into and would ask tough 
questions that I hope would help move ideas past the creator/creation 
love affair into meaningful engagement with an audience.

5) Medialab Prado (http://medialab-prado.es/) has an interesting model 
for fostering the types of collaborations discussed here. fyi. reference...

Helena S.

Thomas Lockney wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 8:16 PM, douglas repetto 
> <douglas at music.columbia.edu <mailto:douglas at music.columbia.edu>> wrote:
>     At the nyc dorkbot I go out of my way to invite people with lots
>     of different interests to participate, show their work, meet one
>     another, etc. I'm sure that if you put out the invitation to some
>     people doing electro-art/music/etc in PDX they'll come and say
>     hello. I recommend setting the bar extremely low in terms of what
>     it takes to get involved. Surely there are many people in PDX
>     making art with technology of one sort or another, so it's simply
>     a matter of providing a forum where they feel welcome. I know that
>     PDX has had more of a workshop format as opposed to presentations,
>     but maybe there's a way to switch it up a bit, have some nights
>     that are more people talking about their work, others that are
>     more hands on... 
> Douglas,
> thanks for the very helpful input. We have actually had a few (3 so 
> far) evenings done more in the typical Dorkbot style. I have made 
> quite a few attempts to get various artists from the local community 
> involved, but most of them tend to look at me like I'm talking a 
> foreign language. I suspect part of it is that I just don't know how 
> to approach them. We also need to make more of an effort to get the 
> artists who are in the group to reach out to their friends and colleagues.
> That said, we have started to have a bit more success in the last year 
> or so and have seen more artists and such coming and taking an 
> interest in what we're doing.
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