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Scott Dixon scott at dixons.mailworks.org
Tue Nov 9 12:11:04 EST 2010

I could use the book, at least to look at since I've got a TI EvalBot coming next month (supposedly, since they are clearing a backlog).  It comes with the Micrium OS on it.  While I'm not sure I want to use the OS in the long run, it would be useful to look at the book to get an overview of what it does.  While the TI uses a Stellaris chip, I imagine the uC/OS is pretty much the same so it ought to give me an idea of what it does.  Anyway, if someone else could use the book, I'd be happy to pass it along after looking it over.
On Nov 9, 2010, at 9:03 AM, Dale Weber wrote:

> 	Greetings everyone!
> 	I got a very nice surprise yesterday morning when I got a delivery from 
> FedEx, sent from Renesas.  I've always liked Renesas MCUs, but have not cared 
> for their demo boards (I have several). This board I got is for the RX62N, and 
> is the kind of board I have been looking for to work with the Renesas MCUs.
> 	In addition, I got another surprise, a quote from the e-mail:
> 	"You have also been selected to receive 1 of the 750 Micrium uC/Probe 
> licenses (a $1,000 value) that are being given away and a hardcopy version of 
> Micrium's new book on uC/OS-III for the Renesas RX. (a $155 value) The book 
> will ship with your kit. To get your copy and full license of uC/Probe, please 
> visit the following link:"
> 	I already have the book, since it shipped with the demo kit and am going 
> to be getting my full license for uC/Probe soon. Is anyone else doing stuff 
> with Renesas MCUs? I have several small development boards I am not using, 
> with debuggers that I would love to see go to anyone who would like to work 
> with them.
> 	The only downside to working with Renesas MCUs is their development 
> software (which I also like a lot) is Windows only.
> 	8-Dale
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