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Rick Burkard burkard99 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 16:08:27 EST 2010

   I would be very interested in getting one of you development boards. I am currently thinking moving on from  AVR's and have no scruples about working on Windows! I have also worked with uC/os in the past and would like to back into it. If you have any left, could you let me know?


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Subject: [dorkbotpdx-blabber] Renesas RX62N Demonstration Kit
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    Greetings everyone!

    I got a very nice surprise yesterday morning when I got a delivery from 
FedEx, sent from Renesas.  I've always liked Renesas MCUs, but have not cared 
for their demo boards (I have several). This board I got is for the RX62N, and 
is the kind of board I have been looking for to work with the Renesas MCUs.

    In addition, I got another surprise, a quote from the e-mail:

    "You have also been selected to receive 1 of the 750 Micrium uC/Probe 
licenses (a $1,000 value) that are being given away and a hardcopy version of 
Micrium's new book on uC/OS-III for the Renesas RX. (a $155 value) The book 
will ship with your kit. To get your copy and full license of uC/Probe, please 
visit the following link:"

    I already have the book, since it shipped with the demo kit and am going 
to be getting my full license for uC/Probe soon. Is anyone else doing stuff 
with Renesas MCUs? I have several small development boards I am not using, 
with debuggers that I would love to see go to anyone who would like to work 
with them.

    The only downside to working with Renesas MCUs is their development 
software (which I also like a lot) is Windows only.

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