[dorkbotpdx-blabber] Meeting this monday - could someone bring a high voltage programmer?

Jeff Eberlin Jeff at Eberlin.net
Fri Sep 10 16:14:00 EDT 2010

I think I toasted one of my ATMega168 chips as I used WinAVR to set some
fuses then accidentally ran the code which overwrote it with new firmware
(with the -F flag cause it doesn't recognize the 168p)... it wrote, but I
don't know what. I'm wondering if someone has something which could bring
these chips back?

I also may need some help programming it with the proper dorkboard firmware.
I also need another 3 or so for some kits I bought, I'm willing to pay if
people have them.

Also, if anyone has any extra LED matrixes laying around I'd be happy to
take them off of your hands as well, reasonable prices of course.

Thanks! Looking forward to my first meeting!
Jeff (I'll be the guy with the earrings, glasses, and the beard possibly
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