[dorkbotpdx-blabber] GPS Group buy anyone?

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Mon Sep 12 02:38:40 EDT 2011

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Garner <garnere at gmail.com> writes:

Eric> I'd be in for 2 Eric

I'll take two also.

Brad> Hey all-
Brad> I've been looking for a cheaper source for the Venus634FLPx GPS.
Brad> Sparkfun sells the bare chip for $39.95 + shipping, so given the
Brad> typical Sparkfun markup I decided to email SkyTraq directly to
Brad> see if I could get a better price.
Brad> It turns out the Venus634FLPx is discontinued, and is being
Brad> replaced by the Venus638FLPx-L (which is a drop-in replacement).
Brad> SkyTraq also suggested that perhaps the SUP500R might be a
Brad> better replacement - as you can see from the attached datasheet,
Brad> the SUP500R (v6) has a built-in antenna and an (up-to) 20Hz
Brad> update rate.
Brad> Not mention this chipset has the proven ability to operate at
Brad> high-altitudes and is more hobbyist friendly for use (at the
Brad> cost of being a bit larger).
Brad> The cost of each unit is $25, with a minimum order of $200 (plus
Brad> $30 FedEx shipping).
Brad> So, if I picked up 8 of these, the cost would be $29 each.
Brad> Any interest?  I'd need to get rid of at least 4 of these before
Brad> I could place the order, so let me know if you are interested.

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