[dorkbotpdx-blabber] Need to borrow USB DVD and Ubuntu DVD

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Mon Sep 19 00:33:29 EDT 2011

Another (perhaps more painful) approach is to pull the HD and mount it 
on another computer (if you have access to one).  Barring that, then 
yeah, the bootable stick that another Jason is hooking you up with is 
the way to go.


On 09/18/2011 09:03 PM, Jason Barnett wrote:
> If you have access to another computer with a CD drive, you could always
> make a bootable USB thumb drive.  I think the Ubuntu CDs even have a
> utility to do this through Windows.  I will bring a bootable thumb
> drive, in case you haven't gotten it taken care of by then.
> Jason
> On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 8:44 PM, Mark Allyn <allyn at well.com
> <mailto:allyn at well.com>> wrote:
>     Folks:
>     I locked myself out of my Ubuntu netbook and to make matters worse,
>     I lost my portable USB DVD driver from which I originally installed
>     Ubuntu.
>     Do any one of you have a USB DVD drive that you can bring to the
>     next meeting at Backspace (I guess it's on the 26th)?
>     I can bring a Ubuntu DVD.
>     All I need to do is to zero out the root password in the /etc/shadows
>     file. I don't need to do a complete re-install.
>     Thanks
>     Truly,
>     Mark Allyn
>     Portland, Oregon
>     www.allyn.com <http://www.allyn.com>
>     971-563-7588 <tel:971-563-7588>
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