[dorkbotpdx-blabber] Gyro & Accelerometer chips (up for grabs...)

Greg Peek gpeekx at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 21:33:29 EDT 2011

I have a couple projects in my todo list that would need an accelerometer.
I'd be happy to trade a beer for a kit or two.


On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 4:25 PM, Paul Stoffregen <paul at pjrc.com> wrote:

> I have some leftover accelerometer and gyroscope chips, breakout PCBs, and
> misc parts.  Does anyone want 'em?
> The accelometers are MMA7455.  Here's the info.
> http://www.dorkbotpdx.org/**blog/paul/accel_only_breakout_**board_working<http://www.dorkbotpdx.org/blog/paul/accel_only_breakout_board_working>
> http://www.dorkbotpdx.org/**blog/paul/accel_only_breakout_**board<http://www.dorkbotpdx.org/blog/paul/accel_only_breakout_board>
> I built one board and it worked great.  I believe Scott built a few.
>  Several kits were given out (everything but the chip, for free - beer if
> not built), but I'm not sure who ever got around to building them.  The
> parts are extremely tiny.
> The gyro chips are LPR530AL (qty 2) and LPY530AL (qty 1).  I have some
> breakout boards for those too, but they were never tested, nor documented
> much.  They're pretty much the circuit right out of the datasheet, plus a
> MCP1700 3.3 volt regulator and a 2-mosfet I2C level translator, so it should
> be pretty easy to figure out.
> These are previous generation gyro chips, which only sense 2 axes each and
> they have only analog outputs.  I think the gyro chips were about $7 each,
> and the accelerometer chips about $2 each.
> Does anyone want this stuff?  I don't want cash, but a beer would be nice?
> -Paul
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