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ART AND CODE: http://artandcode.ning.com
Questions? email Golan Levin <golan at andrew.cmu.edu>

ART AND CODE is a symposium on "programming environments for artists,
young people, and the rest of us", taking place March 7-9 at Carnegie
Mellon University. It features hands-on workshops and a conference
showcase for eight different creative toolkits -- programming languages
made by artists, for artists.

Just as true literacy in English means being able to write as well as
read, true literacy in software demands not only knowing how to use
commercial software tools, but how to create new software for oneself
and for others. Recently, a number of projects dedicated to
democratizing the education of computational thinking have coalesced.
Emerging primarily from the arts sector, a set of new programming
environments (and accompanying pedagogic techniques) have been developed
to help artists, regular folks and other non-computer-scientists learn
to make software. Using visual and musical expression as the "hook",
thousands of people have not only learned to code using these new
environments, but found new reasons to code in the first place. These
toolkits – many of which are free, open-source initiatives – have made
enormous inroads towards expanding the computational skills and
interests of hundreds of thousands of creative people worldwide. You too
can join this movement!

The toolkits presented will include: Processing, Max/MSP/Jitter,
openFrameworks, VVVV,  Alice, Scratch, Hackety-Hack, and Silverlight.
Most of these workshops will be presented by the main people responsible
for creating these tools! Some example workshops include:
-- A Patient Introduction to Processing for Total Beginners (with Casey
-- Information Visualization with Processing (with Ben Fry)
-- Processing for Flash Developers (with Ira Greenberg)
-- Video and Graphics with Max/MSP/Jitter (with Luke DuBois)
-- Introduction to the VVVV Toolkit (with Sebastian Oshatz)
-- Introduction to the openFrameworks C++ Toolkit (with Zach Lieberman
and Theo Watson)

This conference is for:
• Artists, designers and musicians who want to create interactive art,
information visualization, or personal software tools;
• Teens, undergraduates, and graduate students who wish to combine art,
design, interaction, and computer science;
• Middle-school and high-school teachers who want a more expressive way
of teaching programming and computer arts;
• College educators and professional artists who want to learn the most
cutting-edge tools for interaction design;
• Computer-science education researchers interested in visually-oriented
learning tools;
• Anyone who has been wanting to learn how to program their own
software, but hasn't known where to start!

Saturday March 7th features intensive three-hour workshops, taught by
leading developers and authors, in a variety of programming languages.
Some workshops are intended for more advanced users, but many are
totally introductory in nature and are suited for all ages.

Sunday March 8th offers a day-long sequence of 50-minute presentations
about each programming environment. Learn about who's using each
programming environment, and why. Many of these lectures are given by
the main people creating these toolkits!

Monday March 9th begins with two morning sessions of "Hello World"
workshops that are ideal for beginners or people wanting a quick "leg
up" into learning a new toolkit. These are followed, after lunch, by
panel discussions featuring developers and educators.

Registration fees:  Discounts are available for early-bird registration
(before February 24th). Early-bird rates are as follows: General
registration (Sunday symposium and Monday panels) is $15; Intensive
workshops (Saturday) are $45; Brief introductory workshops (Monday) are
$20. Places in workshops are limited.

Act 48 Compliance: Dear public school educators! We are completing the
process and expect to offer Act 48 certification (Continuing
Professional Education credits) for all conference activities.

J. Eric "jet" Townsend, CMU Master of Tangible Interaction Design '09

design: www.allartburns.org; hacking: www.flatline.net;  HF: KG6ZVQ
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