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[Forgot to include our meeting date/time:  It's this Thursday, 19 Feb, 
7:30pm, brillobox. --jet]

Keny Marshall. Keny builds kinetic, sometimes robotic art that plays
with technology and how people relate to it. Hand-built devices are
combined in seemingly ridiculous ways as a means of critiquing the
increasingly invisible world that technology inhabits. Electric motors,
surplus lab equipment, and scrap hardware are (re)sourced to build
systems with transparent inner workings to counteract the “blackbox”
nature of present technology. Currently Keny is the Coordinator of
Special Projects for Phil Fraley Productions, where he manages teams of
artists, blacksmiths, and fossil preparators in the fabrication,
installation and rigging of large scale natural history museum exhibits.

Carin Mincemoyer. Carin is a sculptor and installation artist who
currently lives and works in Pittsburgh. In her recent work, she has
utilized recycled materials such as Styrofoam and plastic packaging to
create works that examine the often contradictory desires that we look
to the natural world to fulfill. She is the recipient of several awards,
including a 2007 grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Fellowships
from the PA Council on the Arts in 2002 and 2007 and an Individual
Artist Award from the Pittsburgh Foundation. She currently works as an
exhibits preparator for Phil Fraley Productions, where she prepares
fossil specimens and creates natural history museum exhibits.

J. Eric "jet" Townsend, CMU Master of Tangible Interaction Design '09

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