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>April 21, 2005
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>Government intensifies investigation
>On Sunday April 17, an art auction to benefit the CAE Defense Fund
>raised $167,700. The auction, held at Paula Cooper Gallery in New York
>City, featured over fifty artists who donated their work to the cause. 
>The amount raised was over three times more than had been raised (and
>spent) in the eleven months preceding the auction. Still, two to three
>times as much may be needed to successfully defend Steve Kurtz, a
>founding member of Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) and Professor of Art at
>the University of Buffalo, and Robert Ferrell, a Professor of Human
>Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh, throughout the entire trial
>While the auction's success demonstrates the growing support for CAE,
>the ordeal grinds on as the prosecution vigorously pursues its "case"
>and the FBI continues to expand its costly investigation against the
>artists' collective. Two days after the fundraiser, Steven Barnes,
>another founding member of the CAE, appeared before a federal grand
>jury in response to a subpoena which indicates that the Justice
>Department is again seeking charges under Section 175 of the US
>Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, as expanded by the USA
>PATRIOT Act. Under advice of his attorney, Barnes is unable to speak
>about the grand jury hearing itself.
>The benefit auction at Paula Cooper Gallery saw hundreds of people
>stream through the gallery all day. The event culminated with a live
>auction hosted by writer/actor Wallace Shawn. In his opening remarks,
>Shawn spoke against complacency and apathy during these very dangerous
>times. Steve Kurtz, who attended the auction, was unable to speak
>directly about the case under advice of council. He graciously thanked
>the crowd, obviously moved by this strong show of support. 
>Artists who donated their works to the auction included: Acconci
>Studio, Dennis Adams, Carl Andre, The Atlas Group, Nayland Blake, Mel
>Bochner, Cecily Brown, Chris Burden, Paul Chan, Jeremy Deller, Mark
>Dion, Sam Durant, Tony Feher, Andrea Fraser, Joseph Grigely, Hans
>Haacke, Ann Hamilton, Rachel Harrison, Emily Jacir, Mike Kelley, Mary
>Kelly, Barbara Kruger, William Pope L., Louise Lawler, Zoe Leonard,
>Sol LeWitt, Glenn Ligon, Sharon Lockhart, Brice Marden, Allan
>McCollum, Julie Mehretu, Arnold Mesches, Donald Moffett, Dave Muller,
>Vik Muniz, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Cathy Opie, Rubén Ortiz
>Torres, Laura Owens, David Reed, Alexis Rockman, Martha Rosler,
>Christy Rupp, Carolee Schneemann, Richard Serra, Cindy Sherman, Amy
>Sillman, Lorna Simpson, Kiki Smith, Janaina Tschape, and many more.
>To view some of the donated artwork, please visit:
>For more information on Steve Kurtz's case, please visit
>Press inquiries may be directed to mailto:media at caedefensefund.org

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