[dorkbotsea-blabber] EPROM uv eraser if you want it

Toby Paddock toby at paddfam.com
Thu Dec 22 21:11:35 EST 2005

> >I know it's not the 80's any more. But there is a nice looking UV eraser
> in
> >the scrap pile at work in case there's a slight chance someone wants it.
> If
> >so, I'll grab it. Don't know details or condition.
> Sun lamp!  Make your own vitamin-D during the winter!
> I have one of those erasers too, but haven't experimented with it much.
> I'll
> take yours if it's going to be dumped in the trash otherwise.
It was still there when I left today, I'll grab it in the morning. (my idea
of using my old email addr was a flop so I couldn't check from work)

> Also, has anyone ever tried using these to experiment with home tanning,
> or
> used with sunblock to produce "sunburn tatoos?"
> To give yourself an interesting rep, first figure out the dosage to tan
> one arm and one side of your face.  Then when asked at Weird Science
> meetings
> how you got that way...   smile mysteriously.

Watch the dosage, it's very painful. If a little is too little, a little
more can be TOO MUCH.  Errr... or so I'm told.  :)


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