[dorkbotsea-blabber] Re: KUOW's The Beat: daily archive

-simulux - smlx at mindless.com
Sun Feb 13 19:11:39 EST 2005

Yes great interview Kate!
What was that Christine Lavin stuff? I swear I thaught she was making up her songs on the fly with all the forced word combinations, something I haven't heard for a long time. I sometimes like "Folk" music but this stuff seemed so flighty I had to wonder if she actualy had an audience. I guess I'm glad she does.

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AKA....Mr. negative    

>sorry, my very first act on your list was to lie to you all. It was
unintentional, and I am glad to learnt that The Beat is archived. It
was a good show (despite Christine Lavin) and all should listen to it!


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