[dorkbotsea-blabber] slope-front rack and monitor mount for sale cheap

Doug Bell douglas_warren_bell at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 16:37:11 EDT 2005

If you already have digital photos, I'd like to see
them, please email them to me, or, better, put them up
on a website and send me the link, since my connection
is pretty slow.

I don't need the rack, but I could probably fit it
into my barn with two others, and maybe get rid of one
of the others that isn't in as good of a shape.

Doug Bell, warrenhb at msn.com

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> [dorkbotsea-blabber] slope-front rack and monitor
> mount for sale cheap
> Toby Paddock tpaddock at seanet.com 
> Wed Jul 20 13:54:14 EDT 2005 
> If anyone is interested I can get details, measure,
> photograph and/or such like that.
> It's about 4' something tall, pretty deep, wheels
> (only the front steer), power switch on a 1U panel
> that would not pass any electrical code, short
> plugstrip, threaded rails, a drawer, some side
> support bracket things I don't know the name of,
> vented top, locking door on back, nice but boring
> generic ivory? colored paint job, and maybe a slide
> out shelf thing for a keyboard if I can find it.
> But wait, there's more... you get a rack mount
> computer monitor / video monitor mount with tinted
> hinged splash resistant latching gasketed window and
> hold-down straps. A fine unit made obsolete by flat
> panel displays. 
> Would make a perfect control console for something
> high power and dangerous.
> Best offer before midnight Sunday gets it.
> Acceptable offers include $0. Random pick if it's
> a tie. I can deliver it to the Aug 3 meeting. If
> no sale, you'll be seeing it at swapmeet night.
> Thanks,
> Toby

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