[dorkbotsea-blabber] free - 488 power I-face - giant trackball - desiccant

Paddock, Toby tpaddock at seanet.com
Sun Sep 11 20:47:56 EDT 2005

Spring cleaning time...

If anyone wants any or all of this, I'll hang on to it and bring to a


MS Easyball 1.0 - serial one button trackball for kids. Ball is about 4" dia
and yellow. Got it at a garage sale when my kids were little, but they never
really took to it.

IEEE-488 (HPIB, GPIB...) 16 channel power interface
"io-tech control 488/16"
The bad news: does NOT have any opto-22 G4 type relay modules installed.
2U 19" rack chassis with ears, black.
Status lights on front. Teeny-tiny cooling fan.
Back: 488 bus connector (naturally), BNC jacks trg in and out, RS-232 9-pin,
master/slave 15-pin, power sw, 16 pairs of terminals under a plastic guard
that says "may be lethal voltages" and like that. 1 meter 488 cable.
No other info. 

2400 external modem - in the very very slim chance someone wants it, I'll
try to find the wall wart.

2 sealed 1.75 lb cans of desiccant.
Wilkerson DRP-85-059
Instructions look like it's to fill a compressed air dryer or some such.
No other info - like what the heck chemical it is. AT LEAST 15 years old. 

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