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And just in case anyone really is going to register...


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from  the fingers of simone, who usually knows all . . .


Have an idea in the back of your brain?  Do you go into shiny-thing
vapor-lock at the hardware store? Do you have niggling fears that the
truth about the relative size and capacity of your reproductive organs
will come out in a sordid manner if you do not prove their worthiness?

Well friends, worry no more, because do *I* ever have an outlet for *you*!!!

Build a Power Tool Drag Racer!

Increase your mojo!  Impress the opposite sex!  Get smelly, sunburnt
people to buy you beer! Yes, building a power tool racer will provide
you with all of these things and MORE!!

All you have to do is visit our super-duper handy dandy registration
website, HERE:


When you get there, simply click on the Create New Team button and
awaaaaay you go!

Have you ever complained that you didn't know who was racing next? 
Could you not hear the pit runner over the screamingly loud noises
emanating from the end of the track?  Did you piss and moan because we
forfeited you because you were out back getting wasted with Ed because
you had given up on ever knowing what was going on, race-wise, ever

Well my friends, this is our solution.  Buildersdb is run by a punk
kid in his bedroom out in New Orleans, and it pretty much makes all
the pain of race day go away.

YES!  Not only will you ACTUALLY KNOW WHEN YOU ARE RACING, but you
will even know WHO WON and WHAT THEIR TIME WAS.  As an added bonus,
Simone gets to skip her yearly aneurysm, you won't get yelled at by
Dave if you breathe wrong and the announcers will actually know what
to say next.  Hell, they might even be accurate.

And ALL THIS from ONE five-minute session of tippy-tappying away on
your little keyboard.

So, ALL of you enthusiastic builders out there, REGISTER FOR THE RACES.

Seriously, it takes five minutes and it's super easy.  If you Don't
Register, you don't get to complain, so here's your opportunity!

Holy smokes kids, sometimes it's *almost* like we know what we are doing.

"Time is short so get to building..... I can build a Power Tool Drag
Racing machine in one day..... Can you?"
--Steven Nelson, Seventeen-time PTDR participant and Token Redneck

Visit http://www.powertooldragraces.com/rules for all the rules you
can possibly stomach.

Once more, questions, complaints, love letters and small bills can be
directed to simone at qbox dot org.

Bringing you quality product in the face of crushing indifference.


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